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אודות הפרויקט

About the project

The Jerusalem Municipality, Department of Culture and Arts presents:
Ir Sipur 3 – A City Tale

An audio tour with illustrations through the streets of Jerusalem in the footsteps of David Grossman’s book, Someone to Run With.

Wandering through the city streets is a journey into the familiar and safe as well as the new and intriguing.

David Grossman’s international bestseller, Someone to Run With, leads us, the readers, on a journey through the streets of Jerusalem. Traveling through the pages of the book is a geographical, historical, and human journey which becomes the reader’s own as he or she is swept along on a race together with the protagonists – Tamar, Assaf, and Dinka the dog – into new and emotional realms, which may be familiar and consoling.

Visual and audio dimensions are added to the written journey, creating an art tour through the public space which can be self-guided with a map or experienced on special guided tours.

Jerusalem-based artist Leora Wise was asked to illustrate eight scenes from David Grossman’s beloved book referring to eight locations in Jerusalem, eight special corners of beauty and important city landmarks.

The drawings are placed on city walls in locations mentioned in the book.

Adjacent to each drawing is a sign with a barcode which can be scanned to listen to the podcast comprising information on the site, extracts from the book read in English, and responses to the book by Jerusalem schoolchildren.

Integrating these three dimensions creates a different type of tour through the public space, with visual art, literary, and audio components.

The Ir Sipur – City Tale Project #3 is an attempt to change the perception of the traditional wall posters in the public space, developing it in a way that creates wandering and curiosity in participants as they await the next part of the series.

Passersby are charmed by the original artworks; together with the unmistakable, eternal enchantment of Jerusalem, they compose a love story to the city.


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העושים במלאכה

The Team


David Grossman



Leora Wise


Initiative, management, and art direction
The Jerusalem Municipality Department of Visual Arts
Hila Smolyansky - Senior Director, Department of Visual Arts
Edith Ilan - Director, Department of Art in the Public Space and the Hutzot Municipal Art Gallery


Coordination and administration
Kety Mordechay – Project Coordinator, Department of Visual Arts

PR Management
Jerusalem Municipality Spokesperson 


Podcasts, texts, production, and public relations
Shomrony-Ben Zeev Marketing Communications, Strategies, and Content Ehud Lussin

Writing and reading sections on children of Jerusalem

Idit Tevet - Principal, Haninisui Experimental School Elementary School Division, Jerusalem
Teachers: Orna Ozeri, Dan Rosen, Michal Shaw
Students: Tamar Vazana, Danny Brandwein, Assaf Lavie, Yael Priad, Tom lee Hayat, Tommy Aboud, Eva Orbach,
Bar Saad, Talia Frankel
English narration by students of Hanisui Experimental School: Libby Granot, Raz Geler


Historical geography consultant on the texts

Prof. Gideon Bigger 


Sound and recordings

Kenya 4 - Music Production Studio, Jerusalem Municipality of Music Yonatan Alush


Public participation

Rachel Ben Moshe


Hebrew narration 

Einat Avni

English narration

Naomi Rabia

English translation

J. Appleton
Betsy Rosenberg

Guided tours

Beita Gallery - Jerusalem Municipality Department of Visual Arts
Ofira Levanon - Beita Gallery


Website & design

Studio Grotesca


Scans, Printing, Installation

Studio Magenta
Jerusalem Fine Art Prints Ltd


Safety consultant
Avni Efrat / Eli Perkel


Music credits 


Exzel Music Publishing (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Staff of the President׳s Residence and former President of Israel - Reuven (״Ruby״) Rivlin
Staff of the Office of the Mayor of Jerusalem and to Mayor - Moshe Lion
Shirit Keessen - Director, Division of Visual Arts, Ministry of Culture and Sport
Ariela Rejwan - Director, Culture, Sport, and Community Administration, Jerusalem Municipality
Yoram Braverman - Director, Division of Culture and Arts, Jerusalem Municipality
Yuval Yaakov - Director of the City Center Quarter, Operations Administration, Jerusalem Municipality

Nurit Ahdut - Arts Producer, Department of Visual Arts, Jerusalem Municipality
David Vaknin - Transport Manager, Department of Visual Arts, Jerusalem Municipality
Michal Sasson - Website Prducer


Special thanks to the business owners in the Jerusalem city center who opened their hearts to the project and permitted installation of the artworks on their premises.

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